Practice Departments

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

ACCRALAW’s LDRD has been engaged by, among others:

  • The big three multinational oil companies in the country in an action to enjoin/restrain a local government from closing down a major oil depot supplying the entire Luzon island
  • Some of the biggest multinational banks in actions relating to, among others, deposits, trust accounts, foreclosures of mortgages, debt restructuring, rehabilitation proceedings, investments, including collateralized debt obligations, foreign exchange forward transactions and derivatives, anti-money laundering compliance and other banking matters
  • The Governor of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and the members of the Monetary Board
  • Leading commercial banks in the country in connection with a petition to enjoin the Government from imposing a Final Withholding Tax on Government Bonds
  • Officers of a leading water concessionaire in connection with a case filed regarding water rates
  • A major credit card company in an international arbitration proceeding
  • A domestic company engaged in the production of bananas in the arbitration proceedings before the ICC against a wholly-owned subsidiary of the world’s third largest marketer of bananas
  • Contract awardee of one of the biggest government projects to date in a Supreme Court petition challenging the legality of, and the capability of the awardee to undertake, the Philippines’ first nationwide automated election project
  • The country’s largest power distribution utility company in suits before the Supreme Court challenging the validity of the new internationally accepted rate-setting methodology adopted by the Energy Regulatory Commission and the reasonableness of its rates
  • The country’s largest telecommunications company in seeking the regulatory approval of its acquisition of another telecommunications company
  • A U.S. company in various mass tort actions filed by agricultural workers claiming personal injury from exposure to pesticides
  • A leading domestic bank and its directors in a suit before the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas for alleged unsound banking practice
  • The country’s largest power distribution utility in the investigation and prosecution of individuals suspected of defrauding the company and its clients in the amount of about Php240 Million, in relation to the company’s refund program.
  • The country’s largest power distribution utility company against a petition for writ of Kalikasan with Prayer for the Issuance of a Temporary Environmental Protection Order filed against it before the Court of Appeals.
  • Certain directors of the owner and operator of the country’s largest commercial oil pipeline in a Supreme Court petition for writ of Kalikasan filed against the company and its directors and officers.
  • One of the big oil companies in a damage suit arising from the alleged leakage of the country’s largest commercial oil pipeline
  • A top multinational bank and several top domestic universal banks (as creditors) in the rehabilitation proceedings for the Maynilad Water Services, Inc., Ramcar Group of Companies and Bayantel Communications, Inc.
  • One of the largest universal banks in the foreclosure of real estate mortgages worth billions of pesos
  • The biggest power distribution company in the Philippines in injunction proceedings against an urban power substation servicing substantial areas of the central business district of Makati City, Philippines
  • The second largest domestic power distribution company in a stockholder dispute involving an action to annul a stock swap and share divestment scheme
  • Three of six siblings of an affluent Chinese-Filipino family in intra-corporate disputes involving several family-owned and/or controlled corporations worth billions of pesos
  • The largest power distribution company in a suit before the Court of Appeals regarding its Php14.3 Billion Settlement Agreement with the National Power Corporation
  • The retirement plans of the biggest food manufacturing company and the biggest telephone company in an action to annul the sale of shares of stock in the Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc. through private placement
  • One of the largest real estate development companies in several actions relating to the acquisition and development of prime real estate into an integrated commercial, residential and entertainment center
  • A top European firm in arbitration proceedings before the ICC against the National Power Corporation to recover claims pertaining to a right of way issue
  • A multinational electronics and semi-conductor company in arbitration proceedings initiated by a contractor before the CIAC
  • One of the world’s largest manufacturing companies in an action for unfair trade competition, and in other cases involving its distributors
  • A Special Purpose Vehicle Company in an arbitration proceeding involving claims amounting to hundreds of millions of pesos.