George S.D. Aquino


Mr. Aquino has extensive experience in litigation, dispute resolution and client counseling. He has acted as lead counsel for various civil, criminal and commercial cases, intra-corporate disputes, special civil actions such as the Writ of Kalikasan, arbitration and adjudication, estate proceedings, and cases involving public officials.

In the course of his practice, he has appeared in practically all levels of the judicial system.  He has appeared before regular courts all over the country, the Sandiganbayan, Court of Appeals and Supreme Court, administrative agencies, and before the House of Representatives and the Senate for legislative inquiries. Mr. Aquino has also rendered legal advice and assistance for corporate clients on various commercial transactions and handled legal concerns involving shareholders and directors.

Mr. Aquino has represented clients in various sectors such as banking, telecommunications, power and energy, public utilities, media, education, technology and government service, as well as indigent clients in need of legal assistance.

Education/Academic Attainments: 
Mr. Aquino obtained his Juris Doctor degree from the Ateneo de Manila University in 1998. He graduated from the same university in 1994 with Bachelor of Science degree major in Legal Management. Throughout his academic life, Mr. Aquino was a regular member of honors’ societies, classes and special programs for scholastic development. He was also a regular participant and winner in public speaking competitions, and was a member and officer of public speaking societies.
Law Professorial Positions & Legal Publications: 
Mr. Aquino is a Lecturer and member of the Remedial Law Department of the Ateneo de Manila School of Law. He teaches Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure and Appellate Practice, and acts as one of the faculty advisers for Remedial Law for the Ateneo Central Bar Operations. Mr. Aquino also sits as an adviser of the Ateneo Legal Services Center. Mr. Aquino regularly contributes articles for the Businessworld column Amicus Curiae.
Professional Membership & Affiliations: 
Mr. Aquino is a member of the Rizal/San Juan/Mandaluyong Chapter of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines.