John Frederick E. Derije
Associate - Davao
Education/Academic Attainments: 
Mr. Derije obtained his Bachelor of Laws degree from the Ateneo de Davao University in 2015 and he graduated valedictorian. He was also a member of his law school’s debate team that won the championship in the 10th Season of ANC’s Square Off: The Law Debates. He also obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from the San Pedro College of Davao. Mr. Derije was admitted to the Philippine Bar in 2016. He is also a registered nurse.
Law Professorial Positions & Legal Publications: 
Mr. Derije contributed to the “Commentaries on HB 4994: Bangsamoro Basic Law”, a special issue of the Mindanao Law Journal, an official publication of the Ateneo de Davao University College of Law, published in December 2014.
Professional Membership & Affiliations: 
Mr. Derije is a member of the Davao City Chapter of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines. He is also a member of Lakas Atenista Foundation, Inc.