Commercial Law

Undoubtedly, our Firm’s principal concentration is in the area of Commercial Law also known as Business Law. The different departments of the Firm are all deeply mired in all aspects of Commercial law from the Retainer, Labor, Intellectual Property, Taxation, Immigration, Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, to the core department of Commercial Law--- Corporate Special Projects. Each department in the Firm contributes the oil required to smoothly run the machine that is the commercial entity. From the entity’s birth or incorporation, to its growth and up to its death in dissolution and parenthetically, even its resurrection, we have it all covered.


We assist our clients in the establishment of complex business ventures, as well as structuring corporate vehicles for their foreign investments using innovative and creative strategies. The Firm also render legal advice on doing business issues, choice of business entities, and possibility of obtaining incentives from the government, as well as a myriad of other business issues.


In addition to the foregoing, ACCRALAW represents clients in complex commercial litigation arising from intra-corporate disputes, derivative suits, proxy fights and corporate takeovers.