November 27, 2014

Earlier this month, the Shareholders’ Association of the Philippines, now popularly known as SharePHIL, conducted its annual general membership meeting. The occasion was graced no less than by BSP Governor Amando Tetangco Jr., who graciously shared with us BSP’s investor education program, a topic that is close to the heart of our young organization. Our mantra is shareholder empowerment through... Read More

November 25, 2014

THE ASIA Patent Attorneys Association (APAA) 63rd Council Meeting was held in Penang, Malaysia, this month. The APAA is a nongovernment organization that aims to promote and enhance intellectual property rights protection in Asia. Made up of the region’s prominent legal practitioners of intellectual property law, the APAA’s members meet annually to network with each other and to share... Read More

November 18, 2014

THE ASTOUNDING developments in information and communications technology have redefined not only our way of living but also our manner of doing things. From manual recording, we now choose electronic encoding. From face-to-face meetings, we now prefer virtual conferences. The convenience and efficiency brought about by these technological advances caused the shift toward the use of electronic... Read More

November 13, 2014

A social phenomenon nowadays is online social networking (OSN). This is exemplified by Facebook which, according to one case, “has created a worldwide forum enabling friends to share information such as thoughts, links, and photographs, with one another” (H v. W, Case No. 12/10142, Jan. 30, 2013). To address concerns about privacy, but without defeating their purpose, OSN sites use different... Read More

November 11, 2014

WE LIVE IN A TIME where everything can be accessed through the World Wide Web. With the use of high-tech gadgets, phones are no longer used for mere communication, but also for different transactions such as online banking, online shopping and the like. In keeping with the advances in technology, the government has also updated its laws and regulations to govern these kinds of online transactions... Read More