Genie Celini D. Nuevo

February 24, 2015

WITH the ASEAN Integration, the Philippines can expect an influx of international transactions, with concomitant obligations and contracts, and potential disputes and litigations. With our already clogged judicial dockets, and the expectations of foreign parties who might be used to different, perhaps even non-adversarial methods of settling disputes, this will present a profound challenge to... Read More
Kurt T. Yeung

February 18, 2015

IMAGINE YOU HAVE a product that you want to sell. You try to create a trademark that could go with it. You experiment with words and signs, logos and cartoons, but nothing seems to fit. Then, you hit upon an idea: why not use your name? It looks good in a certain typeface. It also sounds nice -- according to you (and a friend you annoyed with repeated recitations of your name). So you have your... Read More