February 28, 2018

Businesses have continued to rely heavily on the use of Information Technology (IT) for efficient delivery of products and services in response to emerging market trends and evolving client needs. However, as financial institutions tend to keep pace, there is also an increased exposure to cyber-threats and attacks. Recently, the public has been quick to raise concerns over suspicious and... Read More

February 22, 2018

Early this month, President Duterte laid down the law, so to speak, and threatened to shut down the entire island of top tourist destination Boracay for its continued environmental problems. Of the 7,107 islands that constitute the Philippine archipelago, Boracay sets itself apart with its crystalline waters and powder-like white sand beaches. Ranked as one of the top three islands in the world... Read More
Madelene Ruth F. Salazar

February 20, 2018

Constitutions are the fundamental law of every nation. They put in place basic tenets and forms of government to be observed in the country. The Philippine Constitution is no different. One of the vital portions of our Constitution provides us with the three branches of government: the legislative department, there to pass laws; the executive department, to enforce laws; and, the judiciary... Read More

February 13, 2018

On Jan. 29, House Bill 6779 or “An Act Recognizing the Civil Effects of Church Annulment Decrees” was approved on its third and final reading in the House of Representatives where 203 out of 292 members of the House voted in its favor. Under the bill, an annulment decree issued by a church or religious sect in the Philippines will have the same effect as an annulment decree issued by a competent... Read More

February 08, 2018

In a recent order, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) directed four of businessman Joseph Calata’s companies to cease and desist from engaging in the initial coin offering (ICO) of Krops tokens, also referred to as kropcoins. The ICO was advertised on a website operated by one of Calata’s companies. Kropcoins, a form of digital money, were being offered for sale to investors (local and... Read More

February 07, 2018

In line with its goal to deliver timely and quality patents, utility models and industrial designs, the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPO) recently released the Manual for Patent Examination Procedure (MPEP). The MPEP describes in detail certain procedures and practices on matters of patent law and interpretation and serves as a comprehensive guide for administrative officers... Read More