July 18, 2018

Just recently, the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) published the draft Joint Venture Guidelines (Draft Guidelines) aimed to help businesses determine when a joint venture shall be subject to compulsory notification pursuant to its power to issue guidelines on competition matters for the effective enforcement of the Philippine Competition Act (PCA). Under Philippine setting, a joint... Read More

July 10, 2018

Business is an ever-changing landscape. It finds ways to create assets, improve what has been already done, and maximize utility at the least possible cost. What organizations often disregard is the value of knowledge and training — the value of creating an avenue for delivering knowledge to the workforce. Even the “delivery” of such knowledge and training has to find a way to transcend the... Read More

July 04, 2018

Bureaucracy teaches us two things: to wait and to execute everything in triplicate. “Red tape” has since evolved from the practice of Charles V, King of Spain and Holy Roman Emperor, of using red ribbon to identify important state documents. Now, it describes a system of regulations and official actions which restrict or deny access to swift and quality government services. The problem of red... Read More