ACCRALAW Cebu’s Business Forum

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Spearheaded by Jefferson M. Marquez, the Senior Partner of the Firm’s Cebu Branch, the Firm held its annual Business Law Forum at the City Sports Club Cebu last 25 September 2019. The forum was attended by the Firm’s clients representing different industries as well as law students from the University of San Carlos (USC).

Teresita J. Herbosa, the Firm’s Of Counsel and former Chairperson of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), talked about two major topics, namely: (i) Setting Up, Doing Business, and Folding Up under the Revised Corporation Code, and (ii) Investment Scams. Participants in the said forum benefited from Ms. Herbosa’s insights as a proponent of the significant revisions introduced by the Revised Corporation Code.

A lively open forum followed the talk.

Iolanda B. Abella, Senior Partner of the Firm’s Cebu Branch, presented Ms. Herbosa with a Plaque of Appreciation. Partners Eduardo V. Soleng and Louie John D. Lood also attended the forum with the rest of the Cebu Branch lawyers.