George S.D. Aquino’s Remedial Law Bar Lectures

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George S.D. Aquino, Partner of the Firm’s Litigation and Dispute Resolution Department, recently recorded his Pre-bar Lectures on Criminal Procedure for the Ateneo de Manila University School of Law (Ateneo Law) Online Bar Review Program. The lecture was made available to at least two batches of law graduates (Class 2020 and 2021), on demand, via Ateneo Law’s online application starting 8 September 2021 until the bar examinations scheduled in January-February 2022.

Mr. Aquino has been teaching Remedial Law subjects, such as Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure, and Appellate Practice at Ateneo Law since 2014 and has been conducting Bar Review and MCLE lectures on Remedial Law at the same University and other Bar Review Centers since 2016.

Mr. Aquino’s lectures apply a combination of academic knowledge and practical experiences he has gained from handling civil, criminal and commercial cases for over 20 years.