Amicus Curiae

7 February 2024 Amicus Curiae

Optimizing Business Recovery with Court-Mandated Guidelines for Notification in Financial Rehabilitation Proceedings

Business organizations, like any other ventures, are not immune to the complexities of economic downturns that may be brought about by volatile market conditions, shifting consumer preferences, or unforeseen global events.
31 January 2024 Amicus Curiae

Internet Transactions Act and Philippine E-commerce

The Philippine e-commerce market is experiencing continuous growth. E-commerce sales are expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of nine percent (9%). Against this backdrop, Republic Act No. 11967, or the Internet Transactions Act of 2023 (“ITA”) was signed into law last December 5, 2023.
17 January 2024 Amicus Curiae

The Ease of Paying Taxes Act — a boon or a bane? 

Congress has enacted another piece of legislation meant to boost business in the country. It promotes fairness and modernization of tax administration. Will the Ease of Paying Taxes Act truly ease the burden of paying taxes?
12 January 2024 Amicus Curiae

Navigating the Privacy Landscape: A Closer Look at Consent Guidelines in the Philippines

The Philippines places a significant emphasis on privacy and consent, rooted in constitutional rights. In Ople v. Torres, the Supreme Court expressly recognized the right to privacy as a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution, identifying in the process several constitutional provisions that protect different facets of such right.
27 December 2023 Amicus Curiae

Ample opportunity to be heard

Every employer has the right to exercise its management prerogative in the conduct of its business affairs, and this prerogative includes the right to dismiss its employees. In the Philippines, the employer’s prerogative to terminate an employee should muster both substantive and procedural due process.
20 December 2023 Amicus Curiae

Enforcement of arbitral awards may be refused if doing so is against public policy

The Philippines has a pro-arbitration policy. Republic Act No. 9285 or the Alternative Dispute Resolution Act (ADR Act) and Supreme Court Administrative Matter No. 07-11-08-SC or the Special Rules of Court on Alternative Dispute Resolution (Special ADR Rules) both declare as a policy that the “State shall encourage and actively promote the use of ADRs, such as arbitration, as an important means to achieve speedy and impartial justice and declog court dockets.”

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