Amicus Curiae

19 September 2023 Amicus Curiae

Departure Rules for Filipinos Exiting the Philippines

Since travel restrictions have been lifted, our airports have been bustling with travelers heading to various destinations around the world for purposes of tourism, business, or employment, among others.
15 September 2023 Amicus Curiae

Addressing Counterfeiting

Just last month, representatives from the Enforcement Office of the Philippine Intellectual Property Office (“IPOPHL”) met with representatives of the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency, a trade and investment promotion organization funded and operated by the South Korean government.
4 September 2023 Amicus Curiae

Taxation in the Digital Age: Where are We Now?

The problems brought by the digital economy are not just faced by our country but shared globally, and it is said to undermine the fairness and integrity of tax systems around the world. Bilateral and multilateral treaties are being considered to prevent these tax leakages, while other countries have decided to impose unilateral measures.
28 August 2023 Amicus Curiae

DMW’s promise of greener pastures for landbased OFWs

Republic Act No. 11641 created the Department of Migrant Workers (“DMW” or “Department”), which has the mandate to regulate the recruitment, employment, and deployment of Overseas Filipino Workers (“OFWs”), among others.
17 August 2023 Amicus Curiae

Critical Infrastructures under the Public Service Act

Republic Act No. 11659, amending Commonwealth Act No. 146 or the Public Service Act, (the “Amended PSA”), was passed into law last 21 March 2022, with the intent to, among others, expand investments into the public services sector, a sector that has been generally considered as “highly regulated.”
10 August 2023 Amicus Curiae

Rain Check: Excessive Rain as a Fortuitous Event

As the Philippine enters what is traditionally called the “wet season”, Filipinos across the country must deal with the effects of the torrential rains that accompany monsoon season.

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