Message from the Managing Partner

On the 1st of May 2022, the Firm attained a glorious milestone: its Golden Anniversary. We, the Partners of ACCRALAW, are truly privileged to witness and share this historical event despite the unprecedented challenges brought by global crises, such as the pandemic and the Ukraine war. Indeed, the Firm’s endurance and growth over the past 50 years are a testament to its institutional presence in the Philippine legal landscape, a measure of success that we cannot claim as our own. We owe it to many others, and for which we are grateful. First and foremost, the Partners of ACCRALAW extend our deepest gratitude to the Firm’s Founding Partners — five visionaries who transformed their dream into reality through brilliantly innovative legal strategies undergirded by hard work and relentlessness. Their passion for the law was matched only by their genuine desire to serve their clients, particularly the Philippine entrepreneur. We likewise thank our predecessors who, for several decades, served as great stewards of the Firm and the ACCRA Family. Through their untiring efforts, unfailing guidance and unabating commitment to the ACCRALAW Credo even after the Founding Partners had relinquished the wheel, the Firm reached new heights. This momentous occasion is your success that we, the Partners, have the privilege of sharing. We thank you for trusting us to keep the Founding Partners’ dream alive. We commit to making the dream larger than life and manifesting it into an even more revitalized reality; and to inculcate in the generations of younger ACCRA lawyers the values that have kept the Firm intact and indomitable for half a century.


We are also thankful for the entire ACCRA Family, past and present, legal and non-legal staff. Their loyalty, dedication, talent, hard work, and friendship have helped us weather the many storms in their many forms that have buffeted us over the past five decades. You are the backbone of our Firm’s legal practice and the bedrock of our success. To all of you belong the honor and recognition of having contributed to the building of an institution. You will always be part of the ACCRA Family and will never be forgotten.

Most importantly, we thank our dear clients – most of whom have been with us since the Firm’s inception in 1972 — for their trust and continued confidence. To say that ACCRALAW would not be what it is today without you is an understatement. We commit to upholding and maintaining the ACCRALAW Credo, particularly the principles on which the Firm was founded: ability, integrity, and professional skill. To continue to deserve our reputation for excellence, we will never tire of reaching for “Better” because, as we have learned from our predecessors, there is always room for improvement, innovation, and growth.

In line with our Credo, to mark our 50th year, we celebrate not by looking back on the Firm’s achievements but by paying them forward. Thus, in 2022, the Firm’s ad hoc socio-civic, educational, and charitable activities will be institutionalized under its newly created “Corporate Social Responsibility Department”. This year, ACCRALAW forges formal partnerships with non-governmental organizations such as Teach for the Philippines,, and the Foundation for Professional Training, Inc., to provide them with the pro bono legal support needed to deliver their advocacies — advocacies designed to improve the lives of Filipinos by helping them to help themselves. We choose to do this because, in the words of former US First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, for “our own success to be real, it must contribute to the success of others.”

On this note, we would like to extend our congratulations to all members of the ACCRALAW Family on the Firm’s Golden Anniversary and to reiterate our indebtedness to our clients upon whose trust, support, and confidence the Firm relies for its enduring success.

On behalf of the Partners of ACCRALAW,

Patricia-Ann T. Prodigalidad
Managing Partner

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