2022 Accomplishment Report

On the occasion of the Firm’s 50th anniversary, ACCRALAW’s Corporate and Social Responsibility arm was formally launched as a separate and vital department of the Firm. With the intention of delivering a more focused approach in the handling of the Firm’s CSR endeavors, ACCRALAW has identified a cross-functional team to monitor, plan, organize and lead all CSR projects and activities moving forward.

As such, since May 2022, ACCRALAW officially partnered with three (3) non-profit organizations, namely, Teach for the Philippines, Inc., The Foundation for Professional Training, Inc. and Water.Org.

In addition to its existing scholarships for deserving law students from the University of the Philippines College of Law and from the Ateneo de Manila University School of Law, ACCRALAW, through its CSRD, has also sponsored scholars of the Batang Munti Foundation, Inc.

In addition to providing pro bono legal services to its partner organizations, the CSR work of the Firm in 2022 also included the following: volunteering for the legal aid clinics of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, Makati Chapter, and participating in the working committees of the Supreme Court on the revisions of the Rules of Court.

The Firm, through its CSRD, encourages all its lawyers, including those from its Cebu and Davao branches, to participate in its CSR programs and activities.

For 2022, over 400 lawyer hours were dedicated to CSR work with the active participation of the Firm’s lawyers from its Head Office, Cebu, and Davao Branches.

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