Practice Departments


Maintaining a continuing close relationship between the Firm and its Clients

Josephine Alessandra G. Cochico

Aison Benedict C. Velasco

The Retainer Department renders legal services required in the ordinary course of the business of a general retainer client of ACCRALAW.

The Firm encourages all its clients to become general retainer clients and maintain a continuing relationship with the Firm.  To formalize this relationship, ACCRALAW enters into a General Retainer Agreement with a client.  In consideration for a fixed monthly retainer fee, this written agreement embodies the Firm’s commitment to serve as the clients’ external legal counsel and make available to the client the services of all of the Firm’s lawyers through its various practice departments.

Throughout its more than 40-year history, the Firm has served as retained counsel of various domestic companies and international conglomerates.  Moreover, as a special service to retainer clients and subject of a separate agreement, ACCRALAW has accommodated clients’ requests for the detail and secondment of its lawyers to meet their special requirements, or undertake specific projects, or perform the functions of an in-house legal counsel for a fixed period.