JP Gaba’s Lecture on Copyright & The Public Domain

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John Paul M. Gaba, is one of the Partners of the Firm’s Intellectual Property Department. On 4 September 2019, Mr. Gaba delivered a lecture on “Copyright & the Public Domain” during the World Intellectual Property Organization – IPO Philippines Summer School on IP held at the IPO Philippines’ main office in Taguig City.

His lecture was part of the two-week long seminar-workshop, the first joint IP summer school of the WIPO and IPO Philippines. This seminar-workshop was attended by more than 50 participants from various sectors both local and overseas.

Mr. Gaba’s primary practice areas are intellectual property, cyberspace and e-commerce, and data privacy and protection.  He frequently delivers lectures at different seminars and fora on these practice areas. He is currently a Member of the Philippine Judicial Academy’s Department of Court Technology, as well as its Corps of Professors.

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Our Firm’s John Paul M. Gaba, Partner of the Intellectual Property Department, recently delivered lectures during the 49th Pre-Judicature Program of the Philippine Judicial Academy (PHILJA) last 31 May 2019 held in Cebu City.

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Mr. Gaba spoke on two topics during the last day of the two-week long PHILJA program, which is a pre-requisite for aspirants for a judicial post.  These topics are “Advanced Legal Research with Computer-Aided Research” and “Technology & the Courts, The Rules on Electronic Evidence, Cybercrime Law, and the Data Privacy Act”.  Around forty lawyers from all over the country participated in the program.  PHILJA is a component unit of the Supreme Court that serves as a training school for justices, judges, court personnel, lawyers and aspirants to judicial posts.

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This is the 8th time Mr. Gaba delivered a lecture for PHILJA’s Pre-Judicature Program (the first being in 2016).  He is a Member of the PHILJA’s Corps of Professors and a Regular Member of PHILJA’s Department of Court Technology.  Apart from intellectual property, Mr. Gaba specializes in information technology and cyberspace/Internet law, and data privacy/data protection law.