A Global Roadmap to Personal Data Protection

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John Paul M. Gaba, a Partner from the Firm’s Intellectual Property Department, authored the Philippine chapter of “A Global Roadmap to Personal Data Protection: Asia Pacific, Europe & USA”, published by Meritas. It is the second edition of this volume.

The study was conducted in response to the increasing global interest in data protection and the growing importance of having to safeguard private information against possible data breaches.

Meritas established the Meritas Asia Data Protection & Security Practice Group, of which our Firm is an active member. Our Firm’s Leland R. Villadolid, Jr. and John Paul M. Gaba are members of this group alongside other key practitioners in the field of data privacy of Meritas member law firms in Asia.

Meritas is a global alliance of independent law firms that work collaboratively in order to provide their clients with “qualified legal expertise anywhere in the world”.

Click on the image in the left to download the PDF file, or click here.