Retirement of Emerico De Guzman and Ana Lourdes Teresa Oracion

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Emerico O. De Guzman and Ana Lourdes Teresa Arnaldo-Oracion have retired from the Firm effective 31 December 2021. Although they have retired from the partnership, they will continue to contribute to the Firm in their capacity as Of Counsels.

Prior to retirement, Mr. De Guzman served as the Firm’s Managing Partner for 8 years. He also headed the Labor and Employment Department. Mr. De Guzman is highly-regarded in the field of labor and employment law. He has been consistently ranked among the leading labor and employment lawyers in the Philippines.

Ms. Oracion has also held a leadership role in the Firm as Co-Managing Partner. Prior to retirement, she held the position of Partner in Charge of Legal and Hiring. As a dispute resolution practitioner, Ms. Oracion has specialized in complex disputes requiring the application of admiralty and maritime laws as well as insurance laws. She has also been ranked in her fields of expertise.

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