Accralaw Announces 32 Selected Interns for 2022

ACCRALAW announces the selection of the following 32 students to participate in its Internship Program for 2022:

  1. Andrada, Lara Sophia R.
  2. Ballesteros, Patricia Jaclyn M.
  3. Cabaluna, Cedrick C.
  4. Cabero, Juan Carlo C.
  5. Cadigoy, Francis Wryan L.
  6. Calderon, Maria Sofia E.
  7. Cheng, Aaron Arwin C.
  8. Cruz, Mary Stephanie C.
  9. Culala, Jewel M.
  10. de Leon, Richard S.M.
  11. Fider, Maria Angela Amelia A.
  12. Francisco, Julienne Aleeza B.
  13. Gabinete, Angelica Gabrielle D.
  14. Galinato, Noel Francis T.
  15. Jose, Paolo Irineo A.
  16. Leda, Angelique P.
  17. Leda, Gabriel P.
  18. Lumabas, Margaret Laureen C.
  19. Martinez, Julio Joaquin S.
  20. Mateo, Elijah Joseph A.
  21. Padilla, Adrian Gabriel C.
  22. Pangan, Deanne Marieli Y.
  23. Pascual, Sermae Angela G.
  24. Ramos, Steffi Eunice S.
  25. Robles, Graciella Rachel D.
  26. Rosario, Julianne Beatrice N.
  27. Sagayo, Pauline Samantha B.
  28. Severino, Cedric Daniel
  29. Sy, Toni Mae
  30. Tan, Alexander James B.
  31. Tan, Joseph Patrick M.
  32. Villanueva, Samantha Pauline F.

According to Salvador S. Peña, ACCRALAW’s Senior Partner and Head of Hiring Committee, “competition for an internship position at ACCRALAW is always strong and we often have to make difficult choices between many highly competent applicants.” Hence, only 32 interns were selected from more than 120 applicants from the top law schools in the country. This is to ensure that they will have a meaningful learning experience at ACCRALAW.

ACCRALAW’s Internship Program for 2022 will run from July to August. The interns are divided into four (4) groups and will get the chance to work with ACCRALAW lawyers in all its departments.

ACCRALAW’s Hiring Committee is headed by Peña, with members Partners George S.D. Aquino, Antonio Eduardo S. Nachura, Jr., Melissa Angela G. Velarde, and Christopher Louie D. Ocampo.

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