ACCRALAW is a staunch advocate of the protection and enforcement of its clients’ intellectual property rights. The Firm’s services in the area of intellectual property rights enforcement include, among others, (i) the preparation and sending of cease and desist letters to IP violators and monitoring their compliance therewith; (ii) applying for, securing, and enforcing search warrants against counterfeiters which result in the seizure and the eventual destruction of counterfeit goods; (iii) representing clients in civil, criminal, and administrative cases involving IP violations or enforcement before the regular courts and government agencies such as the Intellectual Property Office and the Bureau of Customs, (iv) application for the issuance and enforcement of injunctive relief, such as temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions. ACCRALAW also assists clients in formulating and implementing suitable cost-efficient IP enforcement strategies, taking into consideration the practicality of each action.

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