Amicus Curiae

April 14, 2021
Amicus Curiae

The Exigency of Punishing Vax Line Jumpers

The surge in the COVID-19 cases in the country comes with an increase in the morbidity and mortality rate. To curb the devastating effects of the virus, one concrete solution is to vaccinate the populace against the SARS CoV-2 virus. The limited supply of the vaccines, however, led the National Government to come up with a Deployment and Vaccination Plan for COVID-19 Vaccines, listing the priority population groups who can first benefit from the vaccine rollout.

April 7, 2021
Amicus Curiae

CREATE— A Reformation of the Corporate Income Tax and Incentives System

To mitigate the dire financial and economic effects brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Congress enacted Republic Act No. 11534 otherwise known as the Corporate Recovery and Tax Incentives for Enterprises Act or CREATE.

March 23, 2021
Amicus Curiae

The Supreme Court’s New Perspective on an Old Issue

On Nov. 11, 2020, the Supreme Court promulgated a landmark decision involving the fundamental equality between women and men before the law. In Alanis v. Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court ruled on a legitimate child’s right to use and adopt his mother’s maiden name — a matter which not only allows a legal option for the use of a surname, but also elevates the level of mothers from a legal perspective.

March 16, 2021
Amicus Curiae

Of Cars and Checkpoints: Exploring the Constitutional Limits of Vehicular Stops and Searches

You are driving your car on your way home when you encounter a group of police officers by the side of road who signal you to stop. You comply with the order and stop somewhere near their group.

March 9, 2021
Amicus Curiae

Ventilation and COVID-19 in the Workplace

On March 3, the secretary of the Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE) Silvestre H. Bello III issued Department Order (DO) 224-21 Series of 2021 entitled “Guidelines on Ventilation for Workplaces and Public Transport to Prevent and Control the Spread of COVID-19.”

March 2, 2021
Amicus Curiae

Creative Destruction

In the book Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty by Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson, the authors argue that the prosperity of a nation is not primarily based on geography, climate, or culture.

Point of Law

May 31, 2018
Point of Law

Portrait of a statesman

On May 13, 2018, the nation mourned the loss of one of the greatest statesmen to have served the country: Sen. Edgardo J. Angara.

May 25, 2018
Point of Law

Legal robots

In the past, it was thought that only simple jobs could be replaced by technology. However, with the onset of artificial intelligence (AI), even work which requires legal analysis is about to face stiff competition.

May 3, 2018
Point of Law

Right to travel

After years of uncertainty, the Supreme Court (SC) finally laid to rest whether the Department of Justice, through its chief, may issue hold departure orders (HDOs) and watchlist orders (“WLOs”) to prevent people under investigation from leaving the country.

April 19, 2018
Point of Law

Whatever happened to ‘My Husband’s Lover’ bill?

With the recent progress of House Bills 6027 and 6595, more popularly known as the divorce bill and same-sex marriage bill, respectively, proponents say the Philippines is set to finally join the ranks of countries that have modernized their laws on marriage and family relations.

April 5, 2018
Point of Law

Making light of perjury

Perjury is one of the vilest crimes that one can commit. With the stroke of a pen or slip of the tongue, it can ruin a man’s reputation, or worse, send him to a detention cell or prison.

March 22, 2018
Point of Law

TRAIN’s bells and alarms

Just a few days after it took effect, the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law has set off more than just a few alarms. In addition to allegations it was procedurally infirm (there is a pending case in the Supreme Court challenging it), TRAIN has been criticized as being antipoor.


April 6, 2021

APAC at a Glance: COVID-Related Restrictions

ACCRALAW contributed the responses for the Philippines to Littler’s quick guide on the applicable COVID-19 restrictions in the Asia-Pacific region. Its guide is entitled “Littler’s APAC At a Glance: COVID-Related Restrictions”. The summary aims to “provide multinational employers with a quick reference of new COVID-related developments.”

April 5, 2021

The Legal 500’s Lending & Secured Finance Guide

ACCRALAW contributed the Philippine chapter of Lending & Secured Finance published by The Legal 500. The guide aims to provide foreign lenders a concise summary of the important laws and regulations in different jurisdictions. Senior Partner Judy Hao, Partners Chrysilla Carissa P. Bautista and Eric R. Recalde wrote the chapter.

January 25, 2021

CREATE Benefits Small Businesses

CREATE (Corporate Recovery and Tax Incentives for Enterprises Act) has been certified for immediate passage by March 9. It is up to Congress to meet this deadline.

Why the rush? The deadline is set in March when most companies finalize their financial statements and tax returns for the previous year. If the deadline is met, companies will be able to revise their corporate tax payable downwards before they are required to pay them in April.

September 18, 2020

The Chambers International Arbitration 2020 Guide

The Chambers International Arbitration 2020 Guide offers “expert legal commentary on tribunals, preliminary and interim relief, collection and submission of evidence, confidentiality, types of remedies, class actions, the New York Convention, and grounds for appeal and enforcement” in over 47 jurisdictions. The chapter on the Philippines was contributed by ACCRALAW.

September 11, 2020

The Chambers Employment 2020 Guide

The Chambers Employment 2020 Guide, written in two parts, Law and Practice, and Trends and Developments, outlines the “legislative action taken to address the COVID-19 pandemic, non-competition and non-solicitation clauses, data privacy, foreign workers, unions, termination of employment, wrongful dismissal claims, anti-discrimination issues and dispute resolution” in 49 jurisdictions worldwide.

September 3, 2020

Legal Considerations of Employee Termination

What legal considerations do firms need to be aware of when letting staff members go during a pandemic? And is a zoom or skype call the best way to break the news?

The Labour Advisory No.1, Series of 2020, of the Department of Labour and Employment (DOLE) states that “employees who fail or refuse to work by reason of imminent danger resulting from natural or man-made calamity shall not be … subject to any administrative sanction”.