Amicus Curiae

March 11, 2020
Amicus Curiae

Refusing to Turn A Blind Eye: Implementing the Philippine Marrakesh Regulations to Benefit the Blind

The 1987 Constitution requires the State to protect and promote the right of all citizens to quality education at all levels, and to take appropriate steps to make such education accessible to all. It reflects the State’s policy to adopt a more inclusive educational institution that does not discriminate against the underprivileged and persons with special needs.

March 4, 2020
Amicus Curiae

The Conversion of An Ordinary Stock Corporation to A One Person Corporation

With the end in view of keeping abreast of changing times and easing doing business in the Philippines, the Revised Corporation Code (RCC) introduced the concept of a corporation with a single stockholder. Under the RCC, a natural person, trust, or an estate can now establish a One Person Corporation (OPC).

February 26, 2020
Amicus Curiae

The Lesser Known Facet of Quo Warranto

The extraordinary writ of quo warranto has been raised to public consciousness again recently that it begs to be understood further. It will be recalled that an action for quo warranto was filed by the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) a couple of years ago to challenge Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno’s right to her to public position.

February 19, 2020
Amicus Curiae

Travel in the Time of 2019-nCoV

Following the World Health Organization’s declaration of the 2019 novel coronavirus (renamed COVID-19) outbreak as a public health emergency, the Philippine government on Feb. 2 deemed it prudent to implement a temporary travel ban against all foreign nationals coming from China, Hong Kong and Macau; all foreign nationals who have been to China, Hong Kong, and Macau in the last 14 days prior to the arrival to the Philippines; and transiting passengers from China, Hong Kong, and Macau.

February 12, 2020
Amicus Curiae

‘Owning’ the Cure: Patent Rights in the Midst of an Outbreak

As early as Dec. 31, 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) was informed of the steadily increasing number of cases of pneumonia of unknown etiology detected in Wuhan City, Hubei Province of China. Over the next three weeks, researchers connected the spread of the outbreak to a market in Wuhan City

February 5, 2020
Amicus Curiae

Revival of Expired Corporations

Much has been said about the feature of the Revised Corporation Code (RCC) allowing corporations to have perpetual existence under Section 11 of the RCC. Yet, there is also a nifty feature tucked in under the same section allowing the revival of those corporations whose corporate terms have expired.