Trusts and Estates

The Firm renders expert advice to its high net worth clients on confidential matters involving the management of sizeable assets, estate planning as well as the creation of trusts for their beneficiaries. ACCRALAW lawyers craft trust agreements running the gamut from living trusts, directed, discretionary, revocable, irrevocable, incentive, spendthrift, dynasty, offshore trusts and hybrids of said different types, with the aim in view of permitting the client to direct the disposition of their wealth or protect their assets beyond the grave. The Firm works closely with private banks and accountants to create the most private, tax compliant and tax efficient estate plans and trusts that will stand the death of the client and even his heirs and beneficiaries.

In addition to estate planning, the Firm crafts simple as well as intricate wills and agreements with complex and even arcane terms and conditions and where necessary, advises the client every step of the way.

The Firm also represents its clients in actions and disputes regarding contested wills and trust administration and provides legal representation in probate and estate proceedings before the courts.

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