Month: February 2021

ACCRALAW’s Clarence Darrow Valdecantos as Employment Litigation Lawyer of the Year

ACCRALAW’s Clarence Darrow C. Valdecantos has been recongized as leading practitioner by different pubications. As noted by Global Law Experts, Mr. Valdenantos has been described as having “the necessary skills to assist with labor, employement and IP affairs.” He is also regarded for his “proficiency and strategy” and thus, he is consered as as “valauable component of the practice”.

Tax Treatment of COVID-19 Vaccines

In the beginning of the COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) pandemic, strict government regulations were imposed as an attempt to stem the transmission of the virus. These restrictions required business establishments to put their workplace operations on hold, save for businesses deemed necessary to provide basic necessities.

The Employee’s Right to Receive or Refuse a Vaccine

In a few weeks from now, Metro Manila and parts of the country will mark their first anniversary of being placed under some form of community quarantine. At least until the end of February, Metro Manila and seven other major cities or regions will remain under the General Community Quarantine regime, while other parts of the country will be under the more lenient Modified General Community Quarantine.